Stella Claire ter Hart

Accompanist, Adjudicator, Composer, Educator

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About Stella


Stella Claire ter Hart is a well known Canadian composer, educator, adjudicator and accompanist. She is directly descended from the Italian composer, Tomaso Vitali and has many other musical family members and ancestors. Stella is the only individual in Canada to have been awarded all four available diplomas from the Toronto Conservatory of Music: piano pedagogy, piano performance, composition, and theory.

Stella was born and raised in Estevan, Saskatchewan. A first generation Canadian, she is poignantly inspired by her rich European background which includes French Huguenot ancestors on her father’s side fleeing to the Netherlands in the 15th century to avoid persecution and the loss of her maternal grandmother’s entire Jewish family (over 600 relatives) in World War 2 concentration camps, among them her 79 year old great grandfather, and a little 7 year old girl, also named Stella.



Stella holds ARCT diplomas from the Toronto Conservatory of Music. While growing up in Saskatchewan, she studied piano with Mary Murakami (Estevan), William Moore (Regina) and Robin Harrison (Saskatoon).  After moving to Alberta, Stella studied with Marilyn Engle (Calgary). She is a widely sought after adjudicator and has brought her fun and unique interactive adjudicating skills to numerous music festivals in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. From 1997 to 2002 she was the Head of Music at Rothesay Netherwood Private School in Saint John, New Brunswick. Stella left New Brunswick and moved to Ontario where she was accepted into the Toronto Conservatory College of Examiners. She served as an Examiner in the Theory and History Department for over 10 years.

Stella is now a retired member of the Toronto Conservatory and presently focuses on composition with an emphasis on choral works and solo instrumental works.



Ms ter Hart is the winner of numerous composition competitions including the Diva Complex Composition Contest, the Pacific International Song Writing Competition and the Ruth Watson Henderson Choral Competition.

She has accompanied some of Canada’s best opera voices including Measha Bruegergosman, Stewart Howe, Cicela Mannson, Monette Gould and Cindy Townsend. She has been commissioned by CBC Radio 2, Symphony New Brunswick, the Indian River Festival as well as professional musicians and groups. Stella adores playing for choirs and soloists; she has the soul of a singer and as an accompanist instinctively shadows and enhances the singer’s every breath and phrase. Ms. ter Hart has conducted choirs and bands as well as maintaining a large, private piano studio.

Stella’s choral compositions have been performed throughout North America and as far away as Australia, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Brazil, Peru and the United Kingdom.





Stella has written a large body of repertoire at all levels, including many works suitable for educational purposes. Additionally, she enjoys creating works for specific people and groups be they students, friends or musical colleagues.


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Most of Stella’s works are available at, and You are also very welcome to contact her directly and ask for a sample pdf for any works that you wish to have a peek at!