Compositions by Stella terHart


The following is my Composition List to date, along with descriptions and sound files.


 Orchestral & Chamber Works

  • Through the Fog  programmatic symphonic work based on the Newfoundland folk song, Cape St. Mary’s
  • Millenium Shadows  ouverture for orchestra; commissioned by Symphony New Brunswick, 2000
  • Reflections for Orchestra  symphonic tone poem
  • A Maritime Suite  string orchestra work based on Canadian Maritime tunes
  • 4 Songs of Innocence  hauntingly beautiful and provocative work for soprano, percussion and brass. Commissioned by CBC Radio 2, Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the PEI Indian River Festival, 2002
  • as the light shimmers  flute and piano work; winner of the Pacific International Song Writing Competition (New Zealand), instrumental category, 2005 
  • Perambulation  a slightly jazzy, slightly avante garde work for violin and marimba; runner-up in the Marimolin Composition Competition, Princeton, NJ.


As part of the “Beginning Band Basics” Theory Series, Stella wrote a solo work for every instrument, one at the Beginner Level and one at the Junior/Intermediate Level.  The solos utilize and reinforce the notes, rhythms and concepts taught in all band classes.  These are fun and fantastic solos that all students can quickly learn and confidently perform!  All are enhanced by great sounding but easy to play piano accompaniments.

Two solos, one at the beginner level and one at the junior level, are available for each of the following:

flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, french horn, baritone (euphonium), trombone, tuba, mallet percussion & timpani 


  • When a Woman Shops – flirtatious set of 4 short works for soprano/piano. Commissioned by Dr. Jessica McCormack, Indiana State University
  • I heard the Voice of Jesus Say – haunting, contemporary arrangement of this beautiful Irish tune for voice and piano
  • Songs of the Land – delightful arrangements of Canadian folk songs for solo voice and piano -available in high/medium and low voice
  • Silent Love – thoughtful, reflective solo for medium voice and piano
  • 3 Songs for Children – educational solos for young voices based on the poetry of R. L. Stevenson


Beginning BAND Basics Books 1, 2 & 3

unique theory series for band students
Beginning VOICE Basics Books 1, 2 & 3 unique theory series for vocalists


  • My Favourite Things  piano duets; intermediate level
  • Best Friends  piano duets; junior/intermediate level
  • Forgotten Dreams – piano solos; intermediate level
  • Dust Bunnies – piano solos; junior level
  • Off Balance Duets – piano duets: beginner level


  • Ode to the Pig  whimsical SSA/piano choral work full of fun, humour and imagination; co-winner of the 2005 Ruth Watson Henderson Choral Competition.
  • She’s Like the Swallow  stunning SSA choral arrangement of this ethereal Newfoundland folk song
  • in a corner of the stable  SSA/piano choral work; dramatic, inspiring & provocative; Christmas or Easter
  • God of Light  SATB/a cappella uplifting and inspirational Christmas work which challenges us to consider our worth in comparison to the worth of the child in the stable
  • Balm in Gilead  ethereal SSA/piano arrangement of this sublimely beautiful gospel tune
  • a humble heart gentle and inspirational SATB/a cappella piece inviting us to choose our own path and whom we walk through life with.
  • The Afterglow of Pain – thought provoking SATB/piano work based on the poetry of black slave women
  • Where Fancy is Free (Come by the Hills)  Irish folk song arranged for SSA choir, celtic harp (or piano) and violin
  • the Skye Boat Song – for SSAA choir/piano/violin and Scottish snare drum.  A beautiful and moving arrangement using the original text; just gorgeous.
  • Lost Lullabies  SSAA/piano work using WW2 Jewish holocaust survivor songs as remembered by the “Saved Children”
  • The Maid on the Shore  SSAA/ a cappella work; newly composed folksong style tune based on a Nova Scotia text.  Finalist in the 1996 Diva Complex New Music Competition.
  • The Impossible Dream  stirring yet easy to learn SATB arrangement with piano and oboe accompaniment of this much loved Broadway hit from “The Man of La Mancha”.
  • Our Farewell Song  SA/piano; here’s a terrific song for young choirs! Fun, energetic, easy range and great message to close out any concert. Features a few “diva notes” for your rising star in the group!
  • The Bloody Gardener  Newfoundland text, newly composed folk style; highly effective dramatic a cappella work for SSAA
  • My Child  beautifully written with flute & piano accompaniment, this SSAA choral work reflects on the wonder of childhood and how its moments, though fleeting, live forever through us all.
  • We Love Christmas (most of the time) – SSAA with piano.  Send your audience home grinning with this humorous and entertaining medley of 8 well known Christmas tunes – if you can find all 8!
  • Song for the Mira  new and fresh SSAA/piano arrangement of this well-loved Cape Breton folk song written by Allister McGillivary.
  • The Last Note  full of imagery, colour and imagination, the SSA/piano work was the winner of the 2019 Lirit Chamber Choir New Music Competition. 
  • What is Beauty?  stunningly beautiful SATB/piano choral work. Text is reflective, contemplative and universal.


Choral Compositions

Beginner/Elementary Level

  1. Our Farewell Song – 2 part/piano
  2. Our World is Full of Colour – 2 part/piano/percussion

Junior/Intermediate Level

  1. Ode to the Pig – SSA/piano
  2. Christmas Is…. – SA/piano (occasional 3-part)
  3. We Love Christmas! (most of the time) – SSA/piano
  4. Where Fancy is Free (Come by the Hills) –  SSA/piano or harp/violin
  5. Song for the Mira – SSAA/piano
  6. My Child – SSAA/piano/flute
  7. a humble heart – SATB a cappella
  8. The Impossible Dream – SATB/piano/flute/oboe

Intermediate/Advanced Level

  1. in a corner of the stable – SSA/piano
  2. Balm in Gilead – SSA/piano
  3. She’s Like  the Swallow – SSAA/piano
  4. Lost Lullabyes – SSAA/piano
  5. Skye Boat Song – SSAA/piano/violin/snare drum
  6. The Maid on the Shore – SSAA/piano/percussion
  7. The Last Note – SSAA/piano
  8. The Bloody Gardener – SSAA/a cappela
  9. God of Light – SATB/a cappella
  10. What is Beauty? – SATB/piano
  11. The Afterglow of Pain – SATB/piano
  12. Veni Amor Meus (Come Away with Me) – SATB a cappella
  13. Just One Day – SSAATTBB a cappella

Instrumental Compositions

(beginner and intermediate levels)

  1.  Spring Breezes (beginner flute)
  2. The Little Irish Girl (junior flute)
  3. The Overwrought Clock! (beginner clarinet)
  4. Summer Waltz (junior clarinet)
  5. Sweet Mystery (beginner oboe)
  6. The Lonely Princess (junior oboe)
  7. This Old Rag (beginner alto sax)
  8. Play Me Blue (junior alto sax)
  9. A Classical Sax (beginner tenor sax)
  10. Dirty Dog (junior tenor sax)
  11. The Side Shuffle (beginner bassoon)
  12. At The Parade (junior bassoon)
  13. The Officer’s Waltz (beginner trumpet)
  14. Pride and Honour  (junior trumpet)
  15. Fox Hunt (beginner french horn)
  16. Blue Boogie (beginner baritone)
  17. Smooth and Mellow (junior baritone)
  18. Step a Slide (beginner trombone)
  19. Matador (junior trombone)
  20. A Bumpy Waltz (beginner tuba)
  21. Tubas on Parade (junior tuba)
  22. Silk Fan (beginner mallet percussion)
  23. Music Box (junior mallet percussion)
  24. The Giant’s Tale (beginner timpani)
  25. Distant Thunder (junior timpani & mallet duet)